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Welcome to Marquee Properties Inc

Please find below a list of our appraisers with a link to their license which is available for download.

Appraiser Name Email Certification License License
Kimberly Bradley kimbradley@comcast.net Certified / FHA Approved VA MD DC
Jamie Lechner jlechner@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved VA  
Katy Fergus katyf@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved VA  
John Van Dyke johnvan@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved MD DC
Robin Eckman robe@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved MD DC
Jamie Melella jamie@marqueerealestate.com Licensed VA  
Kari Gerwien kgerwien@marqueerealestate.com Licensed VA  
Mike Cook mcook@marqueerealestate.com Licensed VA  
Despina Gellios despina@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved VA  
Francie Palmer francie@marqueerealestate.com Certified / FHA Approved VA  
Frankie Bartholomew frankie@marqueerealestate.com Licensed VA  

Form W-9: Available for Download