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Welcome to Marquee Properties Inc

Buying or selling your home can be a daunting task, especially when you have several parties all advocating for their own best interest.

Marquee Properties' professional, ethical appraisers are 100% independent of your real estate transaction, maintaining the highest standards of professional appraisal practice and confidentiality.

Only the most accurate appraisals come from the most local appraisers. Marquee Properties has the local market experience you need to ensure your appraisal report’s accuracy. We are your Washington Metropolitan area real estate specialists.

We provide appraisal services for legal professionals & litigation, private party disputes, estate valuation, retroactive reports, and rental property appraisals that include operating income statements and rent schedules.

Keeping track of your largest investment’s value can be difficult when the market is changing every day. Without an accurate and timely appraisal of your home, you can’t know the true market value. Let our appraisers answer your questions about your real estate market and your home’s value.

Attached is our private order form.

Please complete and submit to our office by fax or email and we will provide you with a fee quote.